Benedikt A Poser

Full Professor and Section Head of the MR-Methods group

at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and Maastricht Brain Imaging Center.

About me

I joined Maastricht University in 2013 where I head the Section of MR Methods in the Cognitive Neuroscience department and became a full professor of the Maastricht University in 2020.
After a double Masters degree in Physics and Business Management at the University of Manchester and trying out Aerospace engineering, I joined the group of David Norris at the Donders Institute in 2003 where I got my PhD on “Techniques for BOLD and blood-volume weighted fMRI” in 2009. Between 2006 and 2010 I got addicted to ultra-high field while working at the Erwin L Hahn Institute in Essen, but this didn’t keep me from spending a DFG-funded postdoc with Andy Stenger in Hawaii to learn about parallel transmit and (non) Cartesian image reconstruction at 3T.
Sequences both functional and anatomical, image reconstruction for highly undersampled acquisitions, and B1 homogenization with pTX remain my main interests, but whatever we do is driven with concrete applications in mind. This is why the MBIC and Cognitive Neuroscience Department is a perfect environment to stimulate cool but practical developments. Many of these have evolved around 2D-SMS EPI as well as 3D-EPI.
Some of the past and current projects from the group can be found here on these pages. Part of this work is thanks to the ward of an NWO VIDI (2017) and subcontract NIH funding (PI David Feinberg).
Next to my work and teaching in Maastricht, I much enjoy engaging in the UHF MR methods community around the ISMRM, OHBM and ESMRMB. For example I currently serve on he annual meeting program committees of ISMRM and ESMRMB, as vice-Chair of the ISMRM Ultra-High Field study group, and have been involved the organisation of ISMRM workshops, ESMRMB Lectures on MR courses and OHBM symposia, and hosted a Siemens IDEA User Meeting in Maastricht.
A link to my full CV can be found here.


Office phone: +31 43 38 82427
Email: benedikt​.​poser​@​​maastricht​university​.​nl
Twitter: @HighOnField

Room 1.007
Oxfordlaan 55
6229 EV Maastricht
The Netherlands

On Pubmed: Poser+BA 
Google Scholar: Benedikt A Poser

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