Ruoyun (Emily) Ma

I am a post-doctoral fellow in the MR Methods group.

About me

I am a post-doc fellow at Maastricht University. I got my PhD from Purdue University (Indiana, USA) with my thesis on MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) and its applications in cognitive impairment in neurological disorders. Afterwards, my research focus was expanded to artefact correction using NMR-probes-based field monitoring (Skope, CH) at ultra high field, which mainly involves image reconstruction and sequence development. With my previous colleagues at University of Minnesota (USA), we implemented this field correction scheme to HCP multiband diffusion EPI sequence. Here at Maastricht, I am working on implementing this method to arterial spin labeling (ASL) sequence, along with designing a 3D spiral readout to achieve higher sampling efficiency using PulSeq (Freiburg, DE). Later, field correction approach on spiral ASL is expected to be applied to invivo measurements with NMR probes integrated in head coils, to account for field deviations caused by physiological activities.  Apart from sequence and image reconstruction, I am also very interested studying human’s learning behavior and modeling learning procedure.

Reach me


Cognitive Neuroscience,
Room 1.014,
Oxfordlaan 55,
6229 EV Maastricht,
The Netherlands

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