Sriranga “Sri” Kashyap

I am a post-doctoral fellow in the MR Methods group.

About me

My background is in biotech engineering and neurophysiology. I received my Masters degree in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience at Maastricht University in 2014 wherein my dissertation was characterising the neuroanatomical properties of human hippocampal subfields using ultra-high field 7T MRI under the supervision of Prof. Peter de Weerd (UM) and Dr. Joel Reithler (UM). My doctoral work has been carried out under the supervision of Prof. Kâmil Uludağ (presently at Suwon, South Korea and Techna Institute, Toronto) and Dr. Dimo Ivanov (UM) on acquisition and analysis approaches for high-resolution functional MRI in order to resolve layer-specific properties of the human visual cortex at 7T and 9.4T. I’m presently working in the MR-Methods group on ultra-high field high-resolution multi-modal fMRI applications at 7T and 9.4T with Dr. Laurentius Huber, Dr. Benedikt A. Poser and Prof. David Feinberg (University of California, Berkeley).

Outside of research, I enjoy reading epic fantasy and graphic novels, I actively follow (association) football, I’m an avid gamer (PC & tabletop), I tinker with my Raspberry Pi and other gadgets, and try to travel when I can afford to.

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