Denizhan “Deni” Kurban

Deni Kurban is a PhD student in MR Methods group.

About me

Following my bachelor degree in Psychology and Neuroscience at Boston University, I obtained my master’s degree at Maastricht University specializing in Cognitive Neuroscience. My master thesis focused on heamodynamic brain-computer-interface (BCI) applications at various field strengths (3T, 7T and 9.4T). My PhD project is about non-Cartesian acquisitions at ultra-high field scanners. Currently, I am working on acquisition and reconstruction of Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) data with spiral read-out at 7T

Cognitive Neuroscience
Oxfordlaan 55
6229 EV Maastricht
The Netherlands

Office phone: +31 43 3881522
Email: deni.kurban@maastrichtuniversity​.​nl

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