Alejandro Monreal

I am a PhD-student in the MR Methods group.

About me

I obtained my master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from TU Delft in 2020. During this time I worked on an internship at Leiden University Medical Center implementing an MRI post-processing algorithm to define whether Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (NPSLE) patients present central vein sign (CVS) in their white matter lesions. I conducted my master’s thesis project at the University Medical Center Utrecht, where I investigated the advantages of using a high-efficiency insert gradient coil together with the Wave-CIAPI strategy at their 7T scanner.

In February 2021, I started my PhD project at the MR-Methods group with Dr. Benedikt Poser. The project focuses on developing non-Cartesian fMRI trajectories for UHF (7T and 9.4T). It is part of the AROMA project, a large EU collaboration with 6 different partners that aims to enable in vivo non-invasive exploration of the human brain’s cognitive functions at the mesoscopic scale. The developed MR methods and techniques will be ultimately implemented at the 11.7 T scanner in Paris.

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