Martin Havlíček

Martin Havlíček is an Assistant Professor in MBIC.

About me

My research interests are focused on studying the relationship of neuronal and vascular mechanisms that are essential for brain function. I aim to develop physiological models that can provide a detailed link between neuronal activity and experimentally observed blood-oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) signal at both macroscopic and mesoscopic scale. The BOLD signal is caused by an interaction of changes in blood flow, volume and oxygenation that are related to changes in neuronal activity. I believe that it is necessary to study in detail both spatial and temporal relationships between these physiological variables at higher resolutions in order to gain better understanding of brain function.

In summary, I am especially interested in investigating the following topics:

  • Modeling multi-contrast fMRI data (i.e. ASL&BOLD, multi-echo BOLD, VASO&BOLD)
  • Magnetic field and MR sequence parameter dependence of BOLD response transients.
  • Modeling physiology of the BOLD response at macroscopic (regional) and mesoscopic (i.e. laminar/columnar) scale.
  • Inferring changes in excitatory-inhibitory balance from the fMRI signal.
  • Neuronal mass modeling of laminar architecture.


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twitter: @model_fMRI 


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